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2023 Masjid Renovation Drive

The Prophet (PBUH) said that whoever contributes to the building of a masjid will have a house built for them in Jannah. Brothers and Sisters, the building of a masjid should be a continuous process. And it is time in the life of our masjid to continue the process. As a neighborhood masjid we need to be able to serve not just the Brothers who come for Friday prayers but also the Sisters who are seeking fellowship or education for themselves and their children or even just a few minutes of peace and quiet. A neighborhood masjid should be a safe place for teenagers to stay out of the house but also out of trouble. And it should have the space to accommodate all of these groups simultaneously. Our masjid isn’t currently equipped to handle these demands and it needs to be. Apart from the new entrances, offices and Multi-Purpose Hall we’ve already completed, we plan to add a canopy outside to make that area a comfortable space for teenagers as well as the younger children and adults. We need to finish the Multi-Purpose Hall and update the Sister’s Section so that it will be a more functional and relaxing place to be. Giving a donation for this worthy cause not only benefits us here and now, these improvements will continue to serve not only our community of Muslims, but the entire community regardless of their spiritual beliefs for years to come.

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